Death at Dovecote Hatch

Written by Dorothy Cannell
Review by Holly Faur

The English town of Dovecote Hatch is still recovering from one troubling murder when another resident, the affluent Kenneth Tennyson, takes a violent fall down his stairs. His death is ruled an accident, but the sharp-eyed Florence Norris—the local investigator of sorts—suspects there might be secrets to unearth. Secrets that will shock the seemingly quiet village.

This is the second in the Florence Norris mystery series. Those who have not read the first book, Murder at Mullings, may find themselves lost or playing catch-up, as the events at Mullings are referred to frequently. However, this newest installment shows off the gravity of small-town gossip at its best. While Florence Norris is off on holiday, we get a seat at the tea table of Dovecote’s most ambitious and interesting patrons as they consider the preceding events and wonder about unusual strangers, unable to resist a bit of finger-pointing. Although most of the action seems to have already taken place, we do meet with the pleasant Florence a few times as she makes an observation or two, which allows her to connect the dots neatly in the end for an interesting, though not overly shocking, who-done-it.