Dangerous Waves

Written by Amanda Taylor
Review by Barbara Goldie

Dangerous Waves by was originally published under the title The Chinaman’s Bastard in August 2009 but has been re-visited by the author, substantially revised, re-edited and re-published. It is a great read by an excellent crime writer, and it has certainly been well researched; both the court drama and the descriptions of Yorkshire bring the novel alive. A real sense of time and place is created; Staithes in 1897 is a great backdrop to the story. The characters are well developed; from the naïve, childlike Daniel to the professional barrister James Cairn, individual personalities come through.

It has a great pace, and the reader is placed headlong into the story from the first page. The language is suitable for the era, and it reads easily with well-written, concise dialogue and vivid descriptions. The chapters are not too long and help build up the tension. The plot keeps the reader guessing, starting with a dead body washed up on the rocks, and the twists and turns add drama, making it engaging and compelling.

This is a good read for historical and crime fans. It is set in an area I know well, but if I didn’t I would love to visit. I look forward to the next book in the series, Mortimer Blakely Is Missing.