Butch Cassidy: The Lost Years

Written by J.A. Johnstone William W. Johnstone
Review by Jo Ann Butler

Hank Parker, a cowboy of eighty-plus years, has a past he’d rather keep hidden. In 1950 Parker is the same age as a certain notorious gunslinger would have been, had he survived a well-known shootout in Bolivia. Pinkerton agent Nathan Tuttle believes that Butch Cassidy actually did. It was Tuttle’s grandfather, also a Pinkerton man, who tracked Cassidy from Chile to Texas. Now Tuttle has followed the paper trail to Parker.

In Butch Cassidy: The Lost Years, bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone present readers with a quick-moving, entertaining novel that will hold your attention. Could that notorious train robber really transform himself into an honest man, or will he succumb to temptation? If you like Westerns, read Butch Cassidy to find out!