Britain and Victory in the Great War

Written by Peter Liddle
Review by Edward James

This book is essential reading for anybody researching into or writing about WW1 and will be rewarding for all other readers.  It is the third volume of a trilogy published by Pen & Sword, the others being Britain Goes to War and The Widening War.  However, Britain and Victory is far from being exclusively about the final stage of the war or being exclusively about Britain.

The book consists of 21 separate essays by leading historians; two of the contributions are about Germany, and there is one each on Russia, France, the USA, Italy and the Commonwealth.  They vary greatly in theme (military, social, economic, political) and their time frames.  ‘Women and the Great War’, for instance, covers the whole war while ‘That Quiet Place’ concerns how the war was memorialised from 1917 to the present.

In short, this is not a triumphalist military history, as the title might imply, but an insightful set of essays on a broad range of war related themes.