At the King’s Pleasure (Secrets of the Tudor Court)

Written by Kate Emerson
Review by Ann Chamberlin

The successful author of Pleasure Palace, Between Two Queens and By Royal Decree returns us to the ever-popular Tudor court and another real historical character, Lady Anne Stafford. Although her brother, Edward third Duke of Buckingham (later to be accused of treason), carefully provides a second husband for Lady Anne when her first dies, the young Henry VIII sets his eye on her, too. Courtier William Compton is the go-between – and another love interest. In spite of her innocence, her husband sends her away from court to a convent – where there are more scandalous goings-on.

Emerson knows her stuff and provides us with a map, genealogical chart as well as pages and pages of true biographies of everyone including the misbehaving nuns – of whom more could be told within the fictional pages. A missed opportunity!