At Love’s Bidding: Ozark Mountain Romance, #2

Written by Regina Jennings
Review by Lauren Miller

In 1873 Boston, Miranda Wimplegate is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. When the family auction house accidentally sells the wrong painting, the Wimplegates are determined to recover it at all costs, even if it means purchasing the tiny auction house in the Missouri Ozarks that acquired it. What they didn’t plan on was the discovery that their new acquisition in fact deals with livestock, not antiques, and is headed by handsome, eligible, Wyatt Ballentine, who’s none too happy about his new employers. As city meets country, these two will have to learn to work together if there’s any hope of finding where that painting has got to, and perhaps, discover that sometimes our first impressions can be mistaken.

This is a charming sequel that can be read as a standalone title, with a memorable cast of secondary characters that hopefully Jennings will revisit later in the series.  Situational humour abounds, and there’s an undercurrent of mystery and uncertainty, which adds tension to the plot, balancing the levity.  Pretty standard in terms of genre expectations but an enjoyable read throughout. If you’re looking for a sweet inspirational romance, this novel will be going, going, gone!