At Ellis Island: A History In Many Voices

Written by Louise Peacock Walter Lyon Krudop (illus.)
Review by Nancy Castaldo

This is a wonderful picture book to add to a collection of immigration tales. Louise Peacock has done a marvelous job weaving snippets of actual accounts from individuals who immigrated to the United States as children into her text, creating a quilt of voices sharing one experience. In addition she tells the imagined story of Sera, one girl representing so many who arrived at Ellis Island. Illustrations by Walter Lyon Krudop are interspersed with actual photographs throughout the book. Children might be confused by all the voices in the text as they read, and may find two readings beneficial—reading through Sera’s story first, then reading it again focusing on the sidebars of the actual accounts. Either way, they will feel they have shared the experiences of many other children of long ago. Ages 7-10.