Assassins of Kantara

Written by James Boschert
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In 1179, the Frankish former soldier and trained assassin, Talon, is a rich merchant living in a villa in Muscat. He lives with his wife Rav’an, young son Rostam, and his friend, fellow trained assassin Reza. After being discovered and nearly killed by assassins from the Master of the Hashashini, he and his family must leave Muscat. Rav’an is the sister of the Master, who wants her returned to him at his homeland in northern Persia.

Talon and his band set sail east, then join a caravan heading north overland to Palestine and the lands held by the Crusaders. After rescuing his Frankish friend Max from prison, they then sail again on the Mediterranean to the island of Crete, where they take over an isolated castle called Kantara. There they make a treaty with the island’s evil dictator, Komnenos. Using gunpowder and rockets brought from China when Talon visited that country as a merchant, he has become stronger and more powerful than the ruler of Crete.

This seventh book in the Book of Talon series is another fast-paced, gripping novel. I’ve read every book in the series, and this entry does not disappoint. I would suggest reading the previous volumes first because there are many characters, and reading the others will add depth to them while providing more background to the story.