Ancestors: A Tale of Two Worlds


Genealogy has become a popular pastime for many with the ease of access to records we experience in our computerised world. The author of this book, Rob Collinge, has taken the theory one step further and uses his family history to weave a story that is both interesting and unusual. From ancestors who were part of the founders of communities in Texas USA to his own father’s secret bigamous relationships, Rob has presented us with a fascinating story full of love, loss, hope and adventure.

The story begins with the introduction of Rob’s grandparents who would see a dramatic change of fortunes since their marriage in 1900. Looking initially at Rob’s grandmother Ella Theodora Koerner, the first chapters introduce you to the life of Judith Goldbeck in 1832, and how her story would lay the foundations for generations of German settlers in the USA. This well-written book makes it easy to imagine the courage and excitement of those early pioneers as they travelled to an unknown world which had little to offer other than a fresh start.  We learn about the family members through the years who shaped the lives and landscapes around them. Rob’s grandfather Wharton Rye Collinge starts life in the wealthy Lancashire cotton industry but experiences the worst of World War 1, and an early death.

Rob then brings us up to date with the discoveries surrounding the life of his bigamous father his dark secrets and the meeting of family members Rob hadn’t known existed, spread over 3 continents.  I really enjoyed this engaging and fascinating book which on first glance could have been a dry retelling of a family tree. I thoroughly recommend it.

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