All for a Story

Written by Allison Pittman
Review by Sue Asher

In the Roaring Twenties, Monica Bisbaine is a gossip columnist for the D.C. rag, Capitol Chatter. Hiding behind the pen name “Monkey Business,” she entertains her readers with tales of her nighttime escapades in the city’s forbidden speakeasies. She loves her job and the excuse it gives her for living on the edge. So when the owner/editor of the newspaper dies suddenly, leaving everything to his nephew, Monica and her coworkers fear the worst. However, Max Moore, the nephew, does not intend to shut down the paper. He leaves an editorial position at an evangelical organization in L.A. in order to continue his uncle’s legacy, but he is determined to change the direction of the Chatter’s reporting to align with his own Christian values. Naturally, Max and Monica will have some adjustments to make.

Monica is a somewhat unusual protagonist for a Christian romance. She’s involved in an adulterous relationship and supports herself, in part, with gifts from her lover. In contrast, Max is a steadfast believer, strong and generous. He’s charmed by the beautiful, witty, and lively Monica and she, in turn, becomes dissatisfied with the life she’s living when she looks at it through his eyes. This is an entertaining Christian romance with a flashy historical backdrop, engaging dialogue, and solid characters.