All for a Song

Written by Allison Pittman
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

Dorothy Lynn Dunbar is comfortable. She has her church, her family, and her devoted fiancé — the local pastor. She spends her days luxuriating in the woods, praising the Lord with her magical music. But deep inside, Dorothy Lynn longs for life outside the small town of Heron’s Nest, Missouri. When she meets Aimee Semple McPherson, a female evangelist, she leaves home in search of this new life. Will the temptations of the Jazz Age entice Dorothy Lynn, or will she keep her faith despite it all?

A tale of faith and forgiveness — set in a time of widespread depravity — Allison Pittman’s All for a Song will touch both your mind and your heart. When the novel begins, Dorothy Lynn is preparing to celebrate her 107th birthday, adding a contemplative air to the story’s delivery. Identity is a major theme in Pittman’s work. Throughout the novel, the young Dorothy Lynn searches for identity while the old Dorothy Lynn reflects upon how this identity has changed over the years.

All for a Song is not a mystery, but Pittman’s intricate weaving of the present into the past will keep readers guessing to the very end.