A Song Unheard

Written by Roseanna M. White
Review by Susan McDuffie

As the Great War commences, Willa Forsyth, violin prodigy and accomplished thief, is recruited by the British government. Her assignment: to retrieve a cipher from refugee Lukas de Wilde, the famous concert violinist, who is now in Wales. Willa has no time or place in her life for love, nor for faith, except her connection with her adopted brother and sisters, all thieves. Lukas, unaware of Willa’s mission, and tormented by the thoughts of his missing mother and sister in Belgium, learns of Willa’s remarkable musical talent and insists on tutoring her. These lessons lead to tender feelings. To fulfill her mission Willa must betray this man she is learning to love. And when he learns the truth about her assignment and her past, will he still care for her?

I enjoyed this inspirational romance, and the author’s depiction of Lukas and Willa’s journey to greater faith and love. All White’s characters show real humanity, and her depiction of Lukas’s young sister is particularly sympathetic. The era, the early days of WWI, is convincingly portrayed. Recommended, especially for lovers of sweet romances and/or inspirational reads.