A Rebel and Her Rogue

Written by Susan Varno
Review by Katie Stine

In 1815, deep in Sherwood Forest, Cassiopeia Valient is a headstrong young lady who is supposed to become engaged to Blake, Lord Rayneford. Appalled at the idea of marrying a rogue she doesn’t know, she fakes a kidnapping to extort him for six hundred pounds. Instead, Rayneford happens upon her and she mistakes him for the Gentleman Bandit who was supposed to kidnap her. While the premise of this story is entertaining, the rest is problematic. Historical accuracy was put aside for this story, including inaccurate food, locations, and customs. Many aspects I couldn’t fathom, including how a country physician’s daughter would wind up with a Season in London. Or become engaged to an aristocrat. Or how, at a townhouse in Mayfair, the lady of the house would be frying her own eggs. The writing is likewise wildly uneven, as is the plot. Engage at your own peril.