Soul Mate Publishing

Ring Road

By Meredith Kazer - Published 2021



When Lauren and Drew decide to buy a centuries-old home in rural Connecticut, Lauren becomes obsessed with the history of the place and ...Read Review

The Price of Glory

By Caroline Warfield - Published 2021


In 1839, Richard Mallet, called Aeneas, is in Cairo to unravel the secrets of the Kushite language. In a souk, he rescues Analiese (Ana) ...Read Review

The Somewhere I See You Again

By Nancy Thorne - Published 2021


Children/Young AdultRomance

Seventeen-year-old Hannah and her best friend, Stacy, have grown up poor in an unnamed town in eastern Canada. So poor, in fact, that ...Read Review

A Widow’s Guide to Scandal (The Sons of Neptune Book 1)

By Hallie Alexander - Published 2020



Henrietta Caldwell, née Smith, is the widow of an unmourned, abusive husband. Her concern, even as revolution swirls near New York City ...Read Review

A Rebel and Her Rogue

By Susan Varno - Published 2020



In 1815, deep in Sherwood Forest, Cassiopeia Valient is a headstrong young lady who is supposed to become engaged to Blake, Lord Rayneford. Appalled ...Read Review

The Keeping House

By Meredith Kazer - Published 2020


In 1997, New Haven, Connecticut, young Lauren is in financial difficulties. Her deceased husband has left her with considerable debt. Hence, Lauren and her ...Read Review

Whispers in the Canyon

By Gifford MacShane - Published 2020



The Donovan family, led by Irish immigrant father John Patrick and grandmother Katie, has settled in Arizona during the 1880s. John Patrick’s ...Read Review

Dangerous Conjurings

By Anne Armistead - Published 2018



The Civil War took Leah’s brother and her childhood sweetheart. Only her father returned. Their family broken, Leah’s asked by her ...Read Review