A Most Noble Heir

Written by Susan Anne Mason
Review by Anna Bennett

Set against the backdrop of Victorian Derbyshire, this wholesome romance follows three primary characters through the ups and downs of love, family, identity, and inheritance. Nolan Price only ever wanted a simple life with the woman he loved, Hannah Burnham. Both are in service to the Earl of Stainsby, and neither could imagine how their life would change with the passing of Nolan’s mother and sole surviving family member. Or is she? A startling revelation and subsequent change in situation leaves Nolan questioning his plans for the future, Hannah her position by his side, and the Earl the actions that led to his lifestyle. Through it all, faith brings the three through a series of trials would daunt even the hardiest reader.

A Most Noble Heir was inspired by Mason’s own family history, paired with a wonderful talent for “what if.” Readers will find solace in Hannah’s quiet strength, understanding in Nolan’s struggle to find the right path, and hope in the Earl’s newfound outlook on his life and the people in it. Although a bit predictable at points, A Most Noble Heir reminds readers of what is important in life – love, trust, and the courage to be kind.