A Lady’s Secret

Written by Jo Beverley
Review by Alice Logsdon

Fans of Jo Beverley will be glad to learn that there is a new romance on the market involving the intriguing Malloren family. This one begins in 1764 at an inn near Abbeville, France. Robin Fitzvitry, the Earl of Huntersdown, traveling incognito with his absurd papillon, Coquette, is returning to England from the court at Versailles, when his trip in interrupted by an encounter with a cursing nun. Of course the nun isn’t really a nun, nor is he truly the wastrel he would appear to be.

When “Robin Bonchurch” offers to give Petra D’Averio passage to the coast in his carriage, she has no real choice but to accept. She is in imminent danger, making a quick change of conveyance the one chance she has of reaching her destination, though clearly her rescuer has more than pleasant conversation on his mind.

This novel has full measures of passion, and intrigue. The main characters are likeable, if unlikely, and their banter is entertaining. Period details pepper the plot, but aren’t its focus.