A Lady Never Lies

Written by Juliana Gray
Review by Jeanne Greene

Italy, 1890. When investment losses decimate her fortune, Lady Alexandra Morley rents a remote Tuscan castle to get away from her creditors. Upon arrival, she finds the space occupied by a gentleman who is also seeking privacy. Inconvenience turns to opportunity when Alexandra recognizes the scientific genius, Phineas Burke. Burke is perfecting a battery for electric automobiles that could wreak further havoc on Alexandra’s portfolio — unless she stops him.

Common interests, wine, and moonlight, draw the two together until Alexandra’s hidden agenda throws a spanner in the works. Is the lady in love with the man or his battery? Is money more important than love? When Alexandra and Finn drive against each other on a racecourse in Rome, it is not winning a loving cup that matters.

Gray gets the atmosphere right but alas, not the history. She admits to rearranging dates, which a novelist is allowed to do but, until this author turns her excellent skills to something more serious, read her novels like A Lady Never Lies strictly for fun.