A Hope Remembered

Written by Stacy Henrie
Review by Ray Thompson

In the third book of the Of Love and War series, the protagonists have both lost loved ones in the First World War: Nora Lewis’ fiancé fighting in the trenches; Colin Ashby’s brother, another pilot in his squadron, shot down in a dogfight. Both are scarred by their loss, but when Nora unexpectedly inherits a sheep farm in England’s Lake District, she courageously leaves Iowa to start life anew. The son and heir of the neighboring baronet is, of course, Colin; they fall in love. This is a gentle, inspirational romance, which emphasizes consolation rather than loss. The villagers are surprisingly kindly and welcoming; the ‘villains’ turn remorseful; the challenges, including class barriers, are rather too easily overcome; and the lovers’ religious faith is deepened after suffering is bravely endured, lessons are learned, and suitable penance is offered. A comforting message.