A Gift for a Rake

Written by Ann Barker
Review by Sara Wilson

Eleanor Carruthers’ coach overturns in the snow on her way to relatives and she is forced to take shelter at the home of an ex-hell raiser, Charles Christian Hurst. Left wheelchair bound by an accident that killed his wife, Hurst is curmudgeonly and reclusive until Eleanor’s arrival. Gradually the two become friends and through this loving friendship Hurst finds his way back to health.

Eleanor departs, leaving Hurst in the company of Patricia Reynolds, an old flame. But when Eleanor discovers that the death of Hurst’s wife may not have been his fault, she realises that not only does she need to return to tell him the truth, but also that she is in love with him.

A Gift for a Rake is a tender tale, featuring a hero who is not obviously the stuff of romance, being scarred both mentally and physically – an added dimension which lifts the story from the commonplace. A touching romance and well worth the read.