A Gentleman Never Tells

Written by Juliana Gray
Review by Kathryn Johnson

The hero and heroine of this jauntily-paced, romantic novel set in 1890 have a history. Elizabeth Harewood and Lord Roland Penhallow, darlings of the London social scene, were once lovers. Unfortunately, his career as spy and her greedy relations tore them apart. Now, years later, Lilibet is married to another man and has a son. That much is standard fare in many historical romances. What separates this story from lesser titles are the dark edges of reality with which author Juliana Gray deftly colors her tale of forbidden love, making it far more than conventional fare, and relatable to women today.

From the beginning, the reader learns of the horrific situation in which Lilibet finds herself. She is the chattel of a too-powerful man. Lilibet does all she can to remove herself and her son from the cruel Somerton. Scandal, revealing her hiding place, is one thing she can’t afford. Even as Roland rejoices at finding her again, the danger looms of Somerton finding them and carrying out his threat — death at the hands of the man who once vowed before God to protect her. Readers will root for Lilibet to the very end of this gripping tale.