A Gathering Of Spies

Written by John Altman
Review by Cindy Vallar

In 1933, Katarina Heinrich murders a co-worker and assumes her identity and her job as a professor’s housekeeper. By the time her employer is invited to work in Los Alamos, New Mexico, the pair have married. When Katarina obtains the top secret plans for the atomic bomb, she can finally return a hero to her homeland, Nazi Germany. Getting there poses problems, though.

Ten years pass, and America has joined her allies in fighting Hitler. Meanwhile, in England, Andrew Taylor has recruited Harry Winterbotham to infiltrate the enemy as a double agent. With Katarina headed for England, Harry finds his impending mission put on hold. He assists in searching for this most dangerous of spies, but does so with his own agenda. His mission is paramount, for he means to secure the release of his Jewish wife, a prisoner of the Nazis, no matter what.

The intriguing twists and turns in this debut novel capture the reader’s attention offering no escape until the last page is turned. While none of the characters is likeable, Katarina and Harry evoke respect for their ingenuity and determination to achieve their goals. An excellent thriller.