A Flying Affair

Written by Carla Stewart
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

The 1920s was an exciting era of human endeavor. In A Flying Affair, set in 1927, Mittie Humphreys joins the many women who are seizing their freedom both at home and in the sky. Mittie helps manage her family’s American Saddlehorse farm near Louisville, Kentucky, but her heart’s desire is to learn to fly. With the help of two pilots, Ames Dewberry and Bobby York, Mittie becomes not only a skilled aviatrix but a wing walker as well.

On the home front, Mittie is torn between her desire for independence and her responsibilities to her family. This is the weakest part of the story. Several of the characters seem to exist solely to integrate this novel into a series, and Mittie’s interactions with them feel trivial. This slight flaw aside, the many period details are so smoothly integrated into the story that the reader is drawn into the world of an aviatrix in the years when flying was novel and the pilots competed with one another to push the limits of what they could accomplish. The backdrop of the competitive world of show horses adds an additional layer of richness. Altogether, A Flying Affair is a very enjoyable romantic adventure.