A Daughter’s Secret

Written by Maggie Hope
Review by Clare Lehovsky

This novel is about a girl’s journey in life with a scandal always in mind. Cath Raine has had to deal with her mother’s infidelity throughout her childhood, along with the abuse that affected her little sister so much. Once she meets the wealthy Jack Vaughan, however, loyalties are tested and cultural norms abandoned since she is determined to find the love that she has craved throughout her life. The author creates the lives of her characters within the historical time period in the time of miners and World War Two. She uses stories from that time to create situations for her own characters. Within this she weaves intricate subplots that could affect the main story dramatically. Throughout the novel, themes of family loyalties, love, and fresh starts are examined. The protagonist Cath Raine has been through a lot, but her strength is admirable given her circumstances. Any reader will enjoy the flavour of the vernacular language that Maggie Hope has brought into the story. Meanwhile there is always the reminder of the War and the consequences that it has for the miners and their families. The author has created a world rife with tensions which could explode at any given moment. It is only by the strength of the characters that they can survive.