A Cowboy of Legend (Lone Star Legends 1)

Written by Linda Broday
Review by Valerie Adolph

Pretty blue-eyed, blond-haired Grace Legend, daughter of Houston Legend, meets broad-shouldered, roguish-looking Deacon Brannock, stubble-jawed, his shirt unbuttoned. Grace is a leader of the local Temperance Movement; Deacon is the owner of the Three Deuces saloon. He has fought his way from poverty and is desperate to keep his saloon. Grace is equally desperate to close this den of iniquity.

The date is 1899 and change is rapidly overtaking the classic days of the western outlaws. The place is Fort Worth; the Legend family now owns the Lone Star Ranch, while Deacon struggles to keep his saloon in a sleazy part of town afloat.

This is a typical western romance—handsome but slightly disreputable male meets beautiful but feisty girl who has some level of privilege. Facing apparently insurmountable odds, they somehow find their way to a resolution. Broday has written many western novels and is very familiar with the times and locations of this one. Her knowledge and research give the story a veracity that may be lacking in many other western romances.