Wisteria Leigh

The Bathing Women

By Tie Ning - Published 2012



Four women come of age amid Mao’s Cultural Revolution in a small village near Beijing. Taio is a children’s book editor ...Read Review

The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo

By F. G. Haghenbeck - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

Frida Kahlo’s (1907-1954) life is immortalized in her prismatic self-portraits. F.G. Haghenbeck embraces her often outlandish and spirited personality in The ...Read Review

The Bloodletter’s Daughter: A Novel of Old Bohemia

By Linda Lafferty - Published 2012


Born to King Rudolf’s mistress, young Giuglio believes his mother a whore. If he had been born to the queen, he would ...Read Review

City of Women

By David R. Gillham - Published 2012



City of Women takes a chilling look at the unspeakable limits reached by the women of WWII Berlin and the stress and fear ...Read Review


By Maryanne O’Hara - Published 2012


It is 1935, the country is in the chokehold of the Great Depression, and Desdemona Hart would do just about anything to help her ...Read Review

September Hope: The American Side of a Bridge Too Far

By John C. McManus - Published 2012



Toward the end of the summer of 1944, the Allied forces were hopeful about an imminent victory over the Third Reich. Operation Market Garden ...Read Review

Dead Man’s Tunnel

By Sheldon Russell - Published 2012



With a title like Dead Man’s Tunnel, you might think you are about to read an old Western or a sinister detective ...Read Review

This Scarlet Cord: The Love Story of Rahab

By Joan Wolf - Published 2012



History is often controversial whether sacred or secular. This Scarlet Cord will generate debates as well. In this biblical novel, Wolf adheres closely ...Read Review

Freedom’s Cap: The United States Capital and the Coming of the Civil War

By Guy Gugliotta - Published 2012



Freedom’s Cap is a remarkable historical narrative about the building of the nation’s capitol with a simultaneous counterpoint to the tearing ...Read Review

The Secret Keepers

By Paul Yee - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

The Secret Keepers opens in 1906 in Chinatown, San Francisco, moments after the historical earthquake rocked the city, leaving it in rubble. Death and ...Read Review