This Scarlet Cord: The Love Story of Rahab

Written by Joan Wolf
Review by Wisteria Leigh

History is often controversial whether sacred or secular. This Scarlet Cord will generate debates as well. In this biblical novel, Wolf adheres closely to the history of what is gleaned from the Old Testament and research into ancient manuscripts written in Canaanite. She uses five paragraphs from the Book of Joshua to cleverly create a memorable and adventurous historical novel.

Rahab arrives in Jericho with her father. Alluringly beautiful, she captures the eye of the degenerate old king, who lusts to make her his ritual bride during the pagan New Year festivities. Rahab, being female, has no rights and must acquiesce to the offensive king’s will. Sala, a young Israelite accompanied by his father, is a spy for Joshua’s army. He is in love with Rahab. Rahab is portrayed as a devoted daughter and self-determined heroine who embraces the One True God theory. With brave confidence while at high risk of death, she aids Sala and Joshua in their mission to destroy Jericho.

Readers will discover a beautiful love story and learn about Rahab, a brave heroine who will inspire all.