Wisteria Leigh

Seeing Red

By Kathryn Erskine - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

Twelve-year-old Red Porter lives in Stony Gap, Virginia, in 1972, where he works with his father in the family automotive shop. When his father ...Read Review

Hitler’s Secret

By William Osborne - Published 2013


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

In a secret rendezvous at the Tower of London, Prime Minister Winston Churchill meets with Admiral Macpherson from British intelligence. It is June 1940, ...Read Review

Freedom’s Forge: How American Business Produced Victory in World War II

By Arthur Herman - Published 2013



Arthur Herman states that the forgotten heroes of World War II were American businessmen. Herman is not alone in assuming that the United ...Read Review


By William Wharton - Published 2013



William Wharton died in 2008, but the memoir he wrote about his experiences in World War II will live forever.  These are intimate letters, ...Read Review

A Hundred Summers

By Beatriz Williams - Published 2013


Lily Dane returns to Seaview, Rhode Island, on Memorial Day of 1938 to begin another summer at her family’s home in the quaint ...Read Review

Saving Lincoln

By Robert Kresge - Published 2013


Beth Wendland arrives at her aunt’s home in Richmond, Virginia in June of 1862. Her Aunt Anna hardly recognizes her niece, who is ...Read Review

Crossing Purgatory

By Gary Schanbacher - Published 2013



In May of 1858, Thompson Grey abandons his farm in Indiana, unable to live in the present and inconsolable after the death of his ...Read Review

City of Hope

By Kate Kerrigan - Published 2012Published 2013


City of Hope, the sequel to Ellis Island, begins in Ireland in 1934.  It has been over ten years since Ellie returned from America ...Read Review

River of Dust

By Virginia Pye - Published 2013



In northwestern China in 1910, the Reverend and his wife, Grace, both missionaries, are en route to a new summer home. History surrounds them, ...Read Review


By Mary Daheim - Published 2013



In 1860, Serena Farrar wants nothing more than to be a writer. Her home is in Brunswick, Massachusetts. Her aspirations to work on a ...Read Review

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