Judith Starkston

Blue Madonna

By James R. Benn - Published 2016



This is the eleventh in Benn’s Billy Boyle mystery series set during WWII. “Uncle Ike” drops Billy behind enemy lines just as ...Read Review

As Death Draws Near

By Anna Lee Huber - Published 2016



As Death Draws Near, set in 1831 in England and Ireland, is the fifth (or sixth if you count a novella) in Huber’s ...Read Review

An Honorable Man

By Paul Vidich - Published 2016



Set in Washington, DC in 1953, this spy thriller depicts the CIA against the backdrop of the Cold War and McCarthyism. Killed agents and ...Read Review

A Gilded Grave

By Shelley Freydont - Published 2015



In A Gilded Grave, Shelley Freydont creates an entertaining murder mystery set amidst the lavish wealth and Victorian strictures of Newport, Rhode Island ...Read Review

Three Great Lies

By Vanessa MacLellan - Published 2015



Three Great Lies starts in modern Egypt, with a tourist named Jeannette enticed to a newly uncovered tomb. Once there, she tumbles through ...Read Review

The Edge of Lost

By Kristina McMorris - Published 2015


The Edge of Lost opens on Alcatraz in 1937, with an elusive prologue describing a moment from an apparent escape attempt. The prologue ends ...Read Review

A Darker Shade of Magic

By V.E. Schwab - Published 2015



Magic, in Schwab’s fantasy novel, is a mixed blessing. Too much magic and the world self-destructs, too little and life washes out ...Read Review

Game of Queens: A Novel of Vashti and Esther

By India Edghill - Published 2015


This is a sprawling tale that, despite the title, is as much about two men, Daniel and Hegai, as it is about queens. ...Read Review

Death Ex Machina

By Gary Corby - Published 2015



Gary Corby has delivered another delightful mystery set in Classical Greece. He combines intriguing historical details with a dry sense of humor. Nicolaos ...Read Review

Orhan’s Inheritance

By Aline Ohanesian - Published 2015


“And if he is Turkish, what does that mean? Is he the prodigal son of a democratic republic or a descendant of genocide ...Read Review