Diane Scott Lewis

The Lacemaker

By Laura Frantz - Published 2018



In Williamsburg, Virginia, on the eve of the American Revolution in 1775, Elizabeth Lawson is set to marry the man her Tory father picked ...Read Review

Secret Shores

By Ella Carey - Published 2017


Tess Miller, a book editor in 1987 New York, is shocked when her boss pulls her from working with her top client to editing ...Read Review

Beyond the Wild River

By Sarah Maine - Published 2017Published 2017-10-05



In 1893, nineteen-year-old Evelyn Ballantyre joins her father and his wealthy friends on a visit to the Chicago World’s Fair. She and her ...Read Review

No Saints in Kansas

By Amy Brashear - Published 2017


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

In 1959, in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas, brutal murders are discovered in a farmhouse by two teenagers. The respected Clutter family, husband, ...Read Review

All She Left Behind

By Jane Kirkpatrick - Published 2017


Biographical FictionInspirationalRomance

Jennie Pickett deals in herb healing and longs to become a doctor in 1860s Oregon. She marries her sweetheart, Charles, and has a ...Read Review

Murder in Mayfair

By D. M. Quincy - Published 2017



In 1814, adventurer Atlas Catesby sups at a country inn when he overhears a man who is selling his wife in the inn-yard. Catesby—...Read Review

Murder on Black Swan Lane

By Andrea Penrose - Published 2017



In Regency London, the bored Earl of Wrexford conducts scientific experiments and behaves as a debauched rake with beautiful women. The arrogant Reverend ...Read Review

The Draper’s Daughter

By Ellin Carsta - By John Brownjohn (trans.) - Published 2017


Elisabeth Hardenstein works hard for her father, a draper in 1351 Cologne, Germany. Her father trusts her acumen over that of her brother, Stephen, ...Read Review

Mr. Rochester

By Sarah Shoemaker - Published 2017


In the early 1800s, young Edward Rochester roams the estate of Thornfield Hall, his beloved home. His father is aloof, his mother dead, ...Read Review

Alex and Eliza: A Love Story

By Melissa de la Cruz - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

Young Colonel Alexander Hamilton works as secretary to General George Washington in Albany, New York, in 1777. Hamilton begs for a command of his ...Read Review