Ellin Carsta

A Distant Hope (The Hansen Family Saga)

By Ellin Carsta - By Gerald Chapple (trans.) - Published 2019



The “Distant Hope” in this book is supposed to be a cocoa plantation in Cameroon. In 1880s, the Hansens, a family of German ...Read Review

The Master of Medicine

By Ellin Carsta - Published 2017



In Cologne in 1395, Madlen Goldmann is living a quiet domestic existence with her husband, Johannes, an attorney who is counsel to the Archbishop, ...Read Review

The Draper’s Daughter

By Ellin Carsta - By John Brownjohn (trans.) - Published 2017


Elisabeth Hardenstein works hard for her father, a draper in 1351 Cologne, Germany. Her father trusts her acumen over that of her brother, Stephen, ...Read Review