Diane Scott Lewis

The Adventuress

By Carole Nelson Douglas - Published 2004



Originally published as Good Morning, Irene in 1991, The Adventuress is the second in a series of mysteries featuring Irene Adler, the only woman ...Read Review

Blackbird House

By Alice Hoffman - Published 2004


Short Stories

Just before the Revolutionary War, a fisherman builds a cottage on the remote tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for the woman he loves. ...Read Review

Gun Ball Hill

By Ellen Cooney - Published 2004



In 1774 coastal Maine, after the beloved Mowlan family is massacred by Tories disguised as Indians, family and friends gather to mourn. Their isolated ...Read Review

Into the Prairie

By Roseanne Bittner - Published 2004



This is the third installment in Bittner’s Westward America series, which follows the fortunes of the fictitious Wilde family. Reading the first ...Read Review