Univ. of New Mexico Press

The Lost Minyan

By David M. Gitlitz - Published 2010



In ten separate, but not unrelated, vignettes, David Gitlitz explores through fiction how the Spanish and Mexican Inquisitions tore apart families in the 15...Read Review

The Dam Builders

By Bill Gulick - Published 2008



On Memorial Day, 1948, the Vanport River breaks its dikes and devastates a community of World War II veterans and their families. Most of ...Read Review

Flight of Souls

By David E. Stuart - Published 2008



Having been raised and abused in foster homes and reform schools, John Alexander, a student of anthropology and folklore, leaves the U. S. ...Read Review

Come With Me to Babylon

By Paul M. Levitt - Published 2008



This is not a typical, endearing Jewish immigrant story. In 1908 it was Esther’s Cohen’s dream to leave Russia and go to ...Read Review

The World in Pancho’s Eyes

By J. P. S. Brown - Published 2007



When Mikey is born in August of 1930, his father, Paul Summers, is working hard as a cowboy. He is also spending on whiskey ...Read Review

The Ghost of Mary Prairie

By Lisa Polisar - Published 2007



Jake Leeds and Mikey Savage are best friends, both 15 years old, although Mikey is a few weeks older— entitling him to subject Jake ...Read Review

A Tropical Place Like That

By Baker H. Morrow - Published 2007


LiteraryShort Stories

This book of short stories is set in the mountainous part of Michoacan in the 1960s. Lou (Luis) Becton, an American living temporarily ...Read Review

Mama Fela’s Girls

By Ana Baca - Published 2006



Mama Fela’s Girls is a multi-generational tale in a fresh setting: Santa Lucίa, a small town in New Mexico in 1934. The ...Read Review

Bull by the Tale

By John Duncklee - Published 2006


Short StoriesWestern

This book is an anthology of eight short stories about the American West from Spanish colonial days to the present. Two stories tell ...Read Review

The Vote

By Sybil Downing - Published 2006


Kate Brennan is a college graduate who stumbles upon a picket line of woman suffragists outside the White House in Washington, DC, during ...Read Review