Under the Approaching Dark

By Anna Belfrage - Published 2017


Adam de Guirande deeply desires an end to the turbulence in his world. In the year 1327, Hugh Despenser and his lord, King Edward ...Read Review

We’ve Come to Take You Home

By Susan Gandar - Published 2016



This debut takes us into the lives of two 15-year-old girls: Sam Foster, who lives in modern-day England, and Jess Brown, who lived ...Read Review

Day of Sun and Glory: The King’s Greatest Enemy, Book 2

By Anna Belfrage - Published 2016


1321, and there is rebellion in England. Adam de Guirande, whom we met in the first book of this superb new series, In the ...Read Review

1066: What Fates Impose

By G. K. Holloway - Published 2014


AdventureBiographical Fiction

Holloway sets his story in an England unknowingly on the brink of being changed forever; it’s the middle of the 11th century, ...Read Review

The Prodigal Son

By Anna Belfrage - Published 2013



Matthew Graham returns safely from his unexpected and unwanted stay in Virginia to find his beloved Scottish Lowlands torn apart by religious strife. ...Read Review

Betrayal in Burgundy

By Howard Shaw - Published 2013


Betrayal in Burgundy is centred around pilot James Chalmers, who is a young man dealing with the realities of war. It is not ...Read Review


By Ted York - Published 2011


This is a large book and looks, in my opinion, professionally produced. It is a very readable book but what lets it down ...Read Review

Aurthora: Celtic Prince

By R. W. Hughes - Published 2011



In Aurthora, R. W. Hughes has written a tale of adventure, love, loyalty, and betrayal set in 5th- century Britannica. Rome has withdrawn ...Read Review

The Gladstone Bag

By Ursula Ryland - Published 2011



Lush language and dreamy introspection bring Peter Herriton and the British Treaty port of Foochow to life in Ryland’s novel, The Gladstone ...Read Review