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Charlotte’s Story

By Carolyn Korsmeyer - Published 2021


Spin-offs from Pride and Prejudice generally focus on Elizabeth and Darcy and occasionally the other Bennet sisters. Instead, in Charlotte’s Story Carolyn ...Read Review

The Exhumation

By Nick Padron - Published 2021



With the Spanish Civil War dragging on in Europe, two world-adventurers with a knack for unsavory deeds embark on a rescue mission. This, ...Read Review

White River Red

By Becky Marietta - Published 2021


In 1972, Betty McLaughlin is bored writing obituaries for the Springdale Times. An aspiring journalist, Betty musters her courage to ask her editor if ...Read Review

The Last Season

By Danielle Mahfood - Published 2021



In 1863, young teenager Cassandra Drayton, only daughter and heiress of Lord James Drayton, strikes up a friendship with young stable boy Crispin St. ...Read Review

The Play’s the Thing

By Jesscia Barksdale Inclán - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

In this historical fantasy, suspend disbelief and take a comedic romp through Elizabethan England, circa 1598. Travel to Will Shakespeare’s time with the ...Read Review

Something in Madness (Darkhorse Trilogy)

By Ed Protzel - Published 2020


In November 1865, Durksen Hurst, along with two of his remaining partners from DarkHorse plantation, Big Josh and Long Lou, two former slaves, are ...Read Review