Blade of Fortriu

By Juliet Marillier - Published 2006



Bridei has been King of Fortriu for five years, and his people have known great contentment. He decides it is now time for ...Read Review


By R. Garcia y Robertson - Published 2006



Markovy, a land that resembles medieval Russia except for the presence of werewolves, troll-bears, ghouls, and various magical beings, is under a curse. ...Read Review

The Dark Mirror

By Juliet Marillier - Published 2005


Biographical FictionFantasy

Bridei is a young nobleman fostered at the home of Broichan, one of the most powerful druids in the land. His earliest memories ...Read Review

States of Grace

By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Published 2005



Yarbro, author of more than twenty novels about the life of the Count Saint-Germain, gives readers a satisfying new chapter in the life ...Read Review

The Wounded Hawk

By Sara Douglass - Published 2005



Brother Thomas Neville, a warrior for God, has left the priesthood in order to stop the devils that are threatening to topple England. ...Read Review

Dark of the Sun

By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Published 2004



Around 535 AD, the volcano Krakatoa erupted violently, splitting apart Java and Sumatra and causing havoc around the world for many years. At this ...Read Review

The First Heroes: New Tales of the Bronze Age

By Harry Turtledove - By Noreen Doyle (Editors) - Published 2004


FantasyShort Stories

This collection of fourteen Bronze Age-related stories is certainly eclectic, ranging from time-traveling people to time-traveling places to mythological characters and more. The ...Read Review

The Amazon and the Warrior

By Judith Hand - Published 2004


Biographical FictionEpic

This is a novel about the Amazon Queen, Penthesilea, who ruled during the time the Trojan War was raging. Judith Hand takes a ...Read Review

God’s Concubine

By Sara Douglass - Published 2004



Reborn descendants of the Trojans return in this sequel to Douglass’ Hades Daughter (Issue 25), determined to hopefully control the labyrinth that is now ...Read Review

A Scattering of Jades

By Alexander C. Irvine - Published 2002


Alternate HistoryFantasyMystery/Crime

Picture the movie set of Gangs of New York – Manhattan, 1843. Add the chacmool, a feather-clad reincarnation of a bloodthirsty Aztec god, stalking the ...Read Review