Hades’ Daughter

By Sara Douglass - Published 2003


Alternate HistoryFantasy

In the first book of an anticipated series named The Troy Game, Australian author Sara Douglass weaves a complex tale of historical fantasy ...Read Review

Fitcher’s Brides

By Gregory Frost - Published 2002



The latest entry in the Fairy Tale series focuses on the legend of Bluebeard. Editor Terri Windling’s introduction traces the legend in ...Read Review

Finn MacCool

By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2002


Finn MacCool, hero of third century Ireland, is the subject of a cycle of myths called the Fenian Cycle. Here, Llywelyn gathers many ...Read Review

The Alchemist’s Door

By Lisa Goldstein - Published 2002



The nominal setting of this fantasy is 16th century Prague. Dr. John Dee, alchemist and sorcerer, as well as Queen Elizabeth I’s ...Read Review

Lion of Ireland

By Morgan Llewelyn - Published 2002


AdventureBiographical FictionMilitary

Brian of Boruma was the son of one chieftain and the brother of another, but he was perhaps greater than them both. The ...Read Review

The Other Nineteenth Century

By Avram Davidson (ed.) - By Grania Davis (ed.) - By Henry Wessells (ed.) - Published 2002


Alternate History

Shades of H. P. Lovecraft flit through this collection by the deceased science fiction/fantasy great Avram Davidson. Otherwise, these stories are very ...Read Review

Mother of Kings

By Poul Anderson - Published 2001


Biographical Fiction

Gunnhild, the daughter of a Norse chieftain, learns the ways of power early in life. Taught the art of spellcasting from a Finnish ...Read Review

Bone Walker

By Kathleen O'Neal Gear - By W. Michael Gear - Published 2001


In this novel, the third in the series, the authors weave together twin plots. Set in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, both stories are ...Read Review

Lancelot Du Lethe

By J. Robert King - Published 2001



In this continuation of the story first laid forth in Mad Merlin, the focus shifts from Merlin to Lancelot, born to King Ban ...Read Review

Second Lives: A Novel of the Gilded Age

By Richard S. Wheeler - Published 1999



Denver in the early 1880s may not have been the center of the universe, but to anyone living in the American West at ...Read Review