Tindal Street

Light Falling on Bamboo

By Lawrence Scott - Published 2012


Biographical FictionLiterary

My mother-in-law asked me recently what to call fictionalized biographies of famous historical figures. Historical novels, I said, thinking of the book I ...Read Review

Kalahari Passage

By Candi Miller - Published 2012


Koba, a young San girl, is kidnapped from her home among the Kalahari bushmen.  She is taken to live with Marta and Deon ...Read Review

Girl in a Blue Dress

By Gaynor Arnold - Published 2008Published 2009


Biographical FictionLiterary

All of Victorian London is mourning the death of famous author Alfred Gibson, but one woman has not been invited to the funeral: ...Read Review

Holding My Breath

By Sidura Ludwig - Published 2007Published 2008



Beth Levy’s story of growing up starts out in a most unusual fashion. She tells us about her parents’ wedding day: where ...Read Review