Park Row

Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder: A Novel

By T. A. Willberg - Published 2020


Historical FantasyMystery/Crime

The Investigators at Miss Brickett’s Investigations and Inquiries, located in the underground tunnels of London, are whispered-about sleuths guarding the city, though ...Read Review

Find Me in Havana

By Serena Burdick - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Actress Estelita Rodriguez lived the American dream. Her young daughter called John Wayne “Uncle Duke.” Her smile and voice captivated audiences on stage ...Read Review

The Woman with the Blue Star

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2021


In March 1943, Krakow, Poland is a cold, unforgiving city under increasingly brutal occupation by the Nazis. Eighteen-year-old Sadie has escaped the ‘aktions’ before, ...Read Review

The Lost Apothecary

By Sarah Penner - Published 2021



Penner’s debut weaves an enthralling tale of a modern woman whose discovery of a centuries-old serial killer helps her come to terms ...Read Review

The Girls with No Names

By Serena Burdick - Published 2020


Luella and Effie Tildon are wealthy young women growing up in the Inwood section of Manhattan in the 1910s. They have everything wealth ...Read Review

The Ventriloquists: A Novel

By E.R. Ramzipoor - Published 2019


World War II was fought on many fronts. One of the most important battles concerned the Germans’ attempt, in spite of their campaign ...Read Review

Call Your Daughter Home

By Deb Spera - Published 2019


Spera’s debut novel brims with grim authenticity as she recounts the unexpected bond between three women in the small town of Branchville, ...Read Review

The Woman in the White Kimono

By Ana Johns - Published 2019


In her first historical novel, Ana Johns explores the tragic fate of the relationships between American servicemen and Japanese women, and their children, ...Read Review

The Lost Girls of Paris

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2019


The Lost Girls of Paris is uniquely told in alternating voices and timelines between 1946 and 1943. In 1946, Grace Healey is passing through Grand Central ...Read Review

The Dutch Wife

By Ellen Keith - Published 2018


In 1943, a Dutch woman, Marijke, is arrested with her husband in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. They are both sent to camps—her to Ravensbrück, ...Read Review