Pam Jenoff

Code Name Sapphire

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2023



Code Name Sapphire is a riveting tale of family love and devotion in 1942 occupied Belgium. The novel’s basic focus is an intrepid ...Read Review

The Woman with the Blue Star

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2021


In March 1943, Krakow, Poland is a cold, unforgiving city under increasingly brutal occupation by the Nazis. Eighteen-year-old Sadie has escaped the ‘aktions’ before, ...Read Review

The Lost Girls of Paris

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2019


The Lost Girls of Paris is uniquely told in alternating voices and timelines between 1946 and 1943. In 1946, Grace Healey is passing through Grand Central ...Read Review

The Orphan’s Tale

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2017


One of the last circuses operating in Europe in 1944, the Neuhoff Circus travels by rail across German-occupied territory, where hiring Jews is illegal. ...Read Review

The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2015


Adelia Monteforte was a teenager in 1941 when her mother and father sent her from their home in Italy to stay with an uncle ...Read Review

Grand Central: Original Stories of Postwar Love and Reunion

By Alyson Richman - By Amanda Hodgkinson - By Erika Robuck - By Jenna Blum - By Karen White - By Kristina McMorris - By Melanie Benjamin - By Pam Jenoff - By Sarah Jio - By Sarah McCoy - Published 2014Published 2014-07-01


Short Stories

This collection of ten stories is remarkably varied, though they all speak of the same date and place in history: September 21, 1945 at Grand ...Read Review

The Winter Guest

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2014


Pam Jenoff has built a strong reputation writing about World War II and its terrible effects on ordinary people. In The Winter Guest, ...Read Review

The Ambassador’s Daughter

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2013


Margot Rosenthal spent the majority of the war in England with her father, a professor. Now her father is one of the diplomats ...Read Review

The Things We Cherished

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2011



The Things We Cherished is a mesmerizing read in the vein of Geraldine Brooks’ People of the Book. Instead of an iconic haggadah, ...Read Review

The Diplomat’s Wife

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2008



  This is the follow-up to the author’s debut novel, The Kommandant’s Girl, a tale centering on a woman reluctantly thrust ...Read Review