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Launch: Eleanor Kuhns’s Murder on Principle

INTERVIEW BY DAVID CONNON Award-winning writer Eleanor Kuhns recently published Murder on Principle, the tenth book in her series of 19th century murder ...Read Article

Launch: Margaret Porter’s The Limits of Limelight

INTERVIEW BY JODI MCMASTER Margaret Porter has written twelve historical novels set in England from the 17th–18th centuries, and her newest novel, ...Read Article

Painting the Light by Sally Cabot Gunning

BY ELISABETH LENCKOS “Your job is to paint the light, but you need the dark to put it on.” Whereas most of us, ...Read Article

Inspiring Historical Women: The Bookseller’s Secret by Michelle Gable

BY TERRI BAKER In the two decades following the bloody and destructive World War I, British families became fractured and citizens agitated due ...Read Article

Launch: Lars D.H. Hedbor’s The Will

INTERVIEW BY DAVID CONNON Lars D.H. Hedbor has written fourteen novels about the American Revolution, each set in a different colony or ...Read Article

Launch: F.M. Deemyad’s The Sky Worshipers

INTERVIEW BY M.N. STROH Born in Kermanshah, Iran, F.M. Deemyad grew up in the capital, Tehran, attending bilingual schools run by ...Read Article

Launch: Rebekah Simmers’s The King’s Sword

INTERVIEW BY JODI McMASTER Rebekah Simmers’s Metzlingen Saga, set primarily in 15th century Germany, begins with the newly published The King’s ...Read Article

New books by Historical Novel Society members, August 2021

Congrats to the following author members on their new releases! If you’ve written a historical novel or nonfiction work published (or to ...Read Article

Urban History, Real & Imagined: Jonathan Lee’s The Great Mistake

WRITTEN BY MARLIE PARKER WASSERMAN Historical fiction at its best, Jonathan Lee’s The Great Mistake (Knopf US / Granta UK, 2021) tells the nearly ...Read Article

Vilified or Victorious?: Claire Heywood and Jennifer Saint Recast the Roles of Women in Ancient Greece and Sparta

WRITTEN BY MYFANWY COOK Jennifer Saint’s debut novel Ariadne (Wildfire UK/Flatiron US, 2021) challenges the female stereotypes of Ancient Greece and their ...Read Article

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