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Launch: Isabelle Chevallot’s The Song and the Sword

INTERVIEW BY LESLIE S. LOWE For the past twelve years, Isabelle Chevallot has worked as a historical researcher and librarian at Guildhall Library ...Read Article

An Indiscreet Princess by Georgie Blalock: Seeking the Story of an Elusive Princess

BY TRISH MACENULTY Georgie Blalock’s most recent novel, An Indiscreet Princess (William Morrow, 2022), tackles the subject of Princess Louise, fourth daughter of ...Read Article

Launch: Alana White’s The Hearts of All on Fire

INTERVIEW BY SUSAN HIGGINBOTHAM Susan Higginbotham interviews Alana White on the second book in her trilogy set in 15th-century Florence. The Hearts of ...Read Article

Resources on Medieval and Renaissance Foodways

BY B.J. SEDLOCK If you are setting your novel in the Medieval or Renaissance eras, you will likely have to research what ...Read Article

Launch: M.N. Stroh’s Man of Sorrows

INTERVIEW BY REBEKAH SIMMERS Fueled by her love for storytelling and history, M.N. Stroh writes edgy Christian historical fiction to inspire the ...Read Article

Launch: Juliette Godot’s From The Drop of Heaven

INTERVIEW BY LESLIE S. LOWE Always the history nerd, Juliette Godot has been working on her genealogy since childhood. Though she never found ...Read Article

Launch: Eileen Joyce Donovan’s A Lady Newspaperman’s Dilemma

INTERVIEW BY SUSAN HIGGINBOTHAM Eileen Joyce Donovan’s new novel, A Lady Newspaperman’s Dilemma is published today. Her debut historical novel, Promises, ...Read Article

History and Science and Twists of Magic: Dark Earth, by Rebecca Stott

BY LEE ANN ECKHARDT SMITH Under the remains of medieval London lies the once great Roman city of Londinium. The Romans abandoned this ...Read Article

Forthcoming children’s and YA historical novels for 2023

The Historical Novel Society lists mainstream and small press titles for readers aged 4 – 18. Books are set in eras up to the early 1970s. ...Read Article

Launch: Jules Larimore’s The Muse of Freedom

INTERVIEW BY KEIRA MORGAN Jules Larimore has been writing nonfiction for over 15 years. The Muse of Freedom, which deals with a character and ...Read Article

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