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Launch: Gary Baysinger’s Margaret’s Last Prayer

INTERVIEW BY ELLEN IRWIN Gary Baysinger spent his formative years growing up in Kwajalein, on the site of a World War II battlefield. ...Read Article

Spanish Brothel to Deserted British Town: Sparrow by James Hynes

BY LISA REDMOND James Hynes’ latest novel, Sparrow (Abrams, 2023), opens a window onto the last years of the Roman Empire. The narrator is ...Read Article

How Do Your Characters “Go”? Personal Hygiene in History

BY B.J. SEDLOCK Horrors!  Would you set a scene in your novel in a lavatory? Even if you don’t depict your ...Read Article

Special Interview: Elisabeth Storrs, HNS Australasia Conference

INTERVIEW BY REBEKAH SIMMERS Elisabeth Storrs is an Australian author with a great love of the ancient world. Her curiosity piqued by an ...Read Article

Launch: Wendy J. Dunn’s Henry VIII’s True Daughter: Catherine Carey, A Tudor Life

INTERVIEW BY ELLEN IRWIN Australian author Wendy J. Dunn has long had a passion for Tudor history—a passion that has inspired award-winning ...Read Article

Launch: Stephen Maitland-Lewis’s Legacy of Atonement

INTERVIEW BY LESLIE S. LOWE Stephen Maitland-Lewis is an award-winning author, a British attorney, and a former international investment banker. His previous books ...Read Article

Launch: Amy Marie Turner’s Voyage of the Pleiades

INTERVIEW BY LESLIE S. LOWE Amy Marie Turner is a Heartland Emmy-nominated writer who lives where the high desert is shadowed by the ...Read Article

New books by Historical Novel Society members, August 2023

Congrats to our author members on these new releases!  If you’ve written a historical novel or nonfiction work published (or to be ...Read Article

Of a Certain Age: A Conversation with Female Novelists Who Debut at a Later Age

WRITTEN BY KATHLEEN JONES At the most recent Historical Novel Society Conference, an audience member asked agents on the panel to explain what ...Read Article

The Rhymes of History: Sarah Bower on Lines and Shadows

WRITTEN BY KATHERINE STANSFIELD Sarah Bower was eight during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and what she remembers as “the dark and fearful mood” ...Read Article

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