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Launch: Dianna Rostad’s You Belong Here Now

INTERVIEW BY REBEKAH SIMMERS Dianna Rostad‘s new novel, You Belong Here Now, is published on 6 April 2021. If you hurry, you can enter ...Read Article

Assassinating Napoleon: The Eagle and the Viper by Loren D. Estleman

  Loren D. Estleman’s latest, The Eagle and the Viper (Forge, 2021), is the story of an attempt to assassinate Napoleon. In fact, ...Read Article

Launch: Mim Eichmann’s Muskrat Ramble

INTERVIEW BY ANNE EASTER SMITH   Mim Eichmann‘s new novel, Muskrat Ramble, is set in early 20th century New Orleans and Chicago ...Read Article

Launch: Patricia Bracewell’s The Steel Beneath the Silk

INTERVIEW BY ANNE EASTER SMITH   Patricia Bracewell’s recent novel, The Steel Beneath The Silk, is the last in her trilogy about ...Read Article

Shake It Up: The HNS North America Conference 2021

The Historical Novel Society North America Conference takes place every other year, alternating with our sister conference in the UK. Our mission is ...Read Article

Historical Slang Print Resources for Novelists: Part One

Getting slang right for your time period and location is important for novelists.  For historical slang, I found much more information in print ...Read Article

Tracking the Real Virginia: The Invisible Woman by Erika Robuck

Erika Robuck’s sixth novel The Invisible Woman (PenguinRandomHouse 2021), is something of a departure from her previous works. Robuck is best known for “...Read Article

Islanders and Invaders: The Girl from the Channel Islands by Jenny Lecoat

Jenny Lecoat is perhaps currently better known as being an alternative comedian but her debut novel, The Girl from the Channel Islands (Graydon ...Read Article

New books by Historical Novel Society members, February 2021

Congratulations to our author members on their new book releases.  If you’ve written a historical novel or nonfiction work published (or to ...Read Article

Changing Perceptions of History: Elzbieta Cherezińska’s The Widow Queen

WRITTEN BY LISA REDMOND Dedicated to all women about whom history is silent Through the translation skills of Maya Zakrewska-Pim and an American ...Read Article

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