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Launch: Donna Jones Alward’s When the World Fell Silent

INTERVIEW BY ANNE EASTER SMITH Donna Jones Alward worked as an administrative assistant, teaching assistant, in retail and as a stay-at-home-mom, but always ...Read Article

Launch: Nancy Taber’s A Sea of Spectres

INTERVIEW BY LESLIE S. LOWE Nancy Taber is a former military officer who served as a Sea King helicopter Tactical Coordinator and is ...Read Article

Glamor and Darkness: Rosalie M. Lin’s Daughter of Calamity

BY ELIZABETH K. CORBETT Rosalie M. Lin’s Daughter of Calamity (St. Martin’s Press, 2024) tells the story of Jingwen, a showgirl in ...Read Article

In Conversation with Kate Quinn About Her New Novel, The Briar Club

BY NICOLE EVELINA When your previous books have spent multiple weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, one was selected for Reese ...Read Article

The importance of time and place in Strange Gods by Annamaria Alfieri

BY MARILYN PEMBERTON After the publication of her third historical novel set in South America, Annamaria Alfieri’s agent and editor thought it ...Read Article

Launch: Catherine Hughes’ In Silence Cries the Heart

INTERVIEW BY LESLIE S. LOWE Catherine Hughes, a high school English teacher, came upon the story of Mary Grant and Domhnull Donn after ...Read Article

Incorporating firearms into your historical novel

BY B.J. SEDLOCK   Even if you are not writing a Western or military fiction, you may still need to research types ...Read Article

Launch: Lee Swanson’s She Serves the Realm

INTERVIEW BY KEIRA MORGAN Lee Swanson has had a lifelong interest in medieval history. He has lived in Germany and England for over ...Read Article

The Bridgerton Effect? The Luna Sisters and diversity in historical romance

BY KATE BRAITHWAITE Liana De La Rosa had a long-held ambition to write a historical romance featuring Latine characters, but it wasn’t ...Read Article

Launch: Rosemary Griggs’ The Dartington Bride

INTERVIEW BY ELLEN IRWIN Rosemary Griggs has been researching Devon’s 16th-century history for years. She has discovered an intriguing network of families ...Read Article

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