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The Strange Adventures of H

By Sarah Burton - Published 2020


This book is told in three parts, the first by H, the second by Doll and the third by Halcyon; all are the ...Read Review

The Death of Me (Heloise Chancey Mysteries)

By M. J. Tjia - Published 2020



This Victorian mystery revolves around a series of bombings in London, which may have been loosely pulled from the Fenians’ Clerkenwell bomb plot ...Read Review

The Song of Peterloo

By Carolyn O'Brien - Published 2019



Despite the cover image, this novel is not a traditional “clogs and shawls” novel. It is 1818. Times are hard for the low-paid cotton-mill ...Read Review

On Wilder Seas: The Woman on the Golden Hind

By Nikki Marmery - Published 2020


Biographical FictionNautical

Most people have heard of Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe aboard the Golden Hind. It is less well-known that for nine ...Read Review

Betsy and Lilibet

By Sophie Duffy - Published 2018


London, 1926: two baby girls are born in London. One becomes Queen Elizabeth II. The other girl is the daughter of an undertaker south ...Read Review

1347: Faith in the Face of Death

By Ken A. Gauthier - Published 2015Published c2011



It is 1347, and the Gallinelli family, known for growing the finest grapes in northern Italy, is preparing for their annual harvest. Frederico Gallinelli ...Read Review

Operation Underworld

By Paddy Kelly - Published 2009



Operation Underworld is based on a true story about the underground partnership between the American government and the Mafia. This involves the sinking ...Read Review