A Thousand Shall Fall

By Andrea Boeshaar - Published 2016



The year is 1864, and Virginia is ravaged by the Civil War. Young Carrie Ann Bell, an independent journalist like her absent father, has ...Read Review

A Cup of Dust: A Novel of the Dust Bowl

By Susie Finkbeiner - Published 2015



Precocious Pearl Spence is the narrator of this enjoyable novel set in the harsh Oklahoma prairies in 1934, an area that was susceptible to ...Read Review

Day of Atonement: A Novel of the Maccabean Revolt

By David A. deSilva - Published 2015


The story line of this debut novel revolves around the increased oppression dished out by the regime of Antiochus IV and his puppeteers ...Read Review

Mercy’s Rain

By Cindy K. Sproles - Published 2015


This inspirational novel about a young woman living in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky in the late 1890s confronts head-on the issue of ...Read Review

River of Peril

By Susan K. Marlow - Published 2014


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

The year is 1864, and although California is aligned with the northern states in the Civil War, the Knights of the Golden Circle attempt ...Read Review

Defy the Night

By Heather Munn - By Lydia Munn - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

Magali Losier is a teenager in 1941 occupied France. While fighting back against the regime by helping her pastor work with refugees, she learns ...Read Review

Canyon of Danger

By Susan K. Marlow - Published 2013


AdventureChildren/Young AdultWestern

Sheriff Coulter has to escort a prisoner to Sacramento. He leaves his only son in charge of the family ranch for a few ...Read Review

How Huge the Night

By Heather Munn - By Lydia Munn - Published 2011


Children/Young Adult

Julien Losier knows war is coming, but he does not like living in the countryside, and he especially does not like the Jewish ...Read Review

The Light Across the River

By Stephanie Reed - Published 2008


Biographical FictionChildren/Young AdultInspirational

This is a coming-of-age inspirational story about Johnny Rankin, an 11-year-old boy who was involved in the Underground Railroad, and Eliza, a runaway ...Read Review


By C.J. Illinik - Published 2007



Najila is the daughter of a Persian Muslim princess and a Byzantine Orthodox diplomat in 11th-century Baghdad. Orphaned at the age of seventeen, ...Read Review