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Trouble the Water

By Rebecca Dwight Bruff - Published 2019


This luminous novel’s central events take place during the American Civil War, but this novelization of the life of Robert Smalls spans ...Read Review

Longing for Home

By Lisa M. Wayman - Published 2016Published 2016-05-15


Irena, the main character in Lisa Wayman’s debut work of fiction, Longing for Home, is living a variation of the same experience ...Read Review

Taking the Cross

By Charles Gibson - Published 2014



The Albigensian Crusade proclaimed by Pope Innocent III in 1208 and launched in 1209 against heretic sects in Languedoc forms the backdrop for Charles Gibson’...Read Review

Of Blood and Brothers

By E. Michael Helms - Published 2013



Calvin Hogue, cub reporter at the St. Andrew Pilot in St. Andrew, Florida, is assigned to cover the Malburn family reunion. This dull-sounding ...Read Review