History Through Fiction LLC

A Noble Cunning

By Patricia Bernstein - Published 2023


When Jacobite leaders Mar, Winton, and Derwentwater arrive at the Glentaggart home, Bethan knows immediately that her husband, Gavin, a staunch Catholic, will ...Read Review

The King’s Anatomist: The Journey of Andreas Vesalius

By Ron Blumenfeld - Published 2021



Jan van den Bossche has been the best friend of anatomist Andreas Vesalius since childhood. The two are “astral twins,” sharing a birthday ...Read Review

The Sky Worshipers

By F.M. Deemyad - Published 2021


In The Sky Worshipers, Deemyad takes us on a vivid and lush journey through the Mongol conquests of the 13th and 14th centuries. ...Read Review

The Education of Delhomme: Chopin, Sand, and La France

By Nancy Burkhalter - Published 2020


This novel’s narrator, Beaulieu Delhomme, connects readers to the many famous historical characters that populate it, such as Berlioz, Liszt, and Delacroix. ...Read Review