Crooked Cat

The Road to Newgate

By Kate Braithwaite - Published 2018



Suspicion and religion are intertwined in London in 1678, a little over a decade after the Great Fire ravaged the city. Nathaniel Thompson, a ...Read Review

Final Resting Place

By Jonathan F. Putnam - Published 2018



Twenty-nine-year-old trial lawyer Abraham Lincoln campaigns to save his seat in the Illinois Legislature as the Whigs’ standard-bearer. Summer 1838 promises to be heated ...Read Review

Heart of Stone

By John Jackson - Published 2017


Set mainly in Ireland between 1735 and 1752, this story is based on true events. Robert Rochfort, an ambitious Anglo-Irish landowner and widower, requires a ...Read Review


By Olga Swan - Published 2016


The Vichy government was the collaborationist regime headed by Marechal Petain which was permitted by the Nazis to rule central and southeastern France ...Read Review

Five Guns Blazing

By Emma Rose Millar - By Kevin Allen - Published 2015



“Convict’s daughter, Laetitia Beedham, is set on an epic journey from the back streets of London, through transportation to Barbados and grueling ...Read Review

The House at Zaronza

By Vanessa Couchman - Published 2014


This emotionally powerful novel is set on Corsica, and the island itself is the most important character. I could see the deep blue ...Read Review

Zeus of Ithome

By T. E. Taylor - Published 2013


Set in Ancient Greece in 373 BC, Zeus of Ithome explores the end of three centuries of Messenian slavery at the hands of their ...Read Review

An Accidental King

By Mark Patton - Published 2013


Cogidubnus, once a Celtic priest, but now appointed Great King of Britain by the Romans, receives an important visitor to his sumptuous palace ...Read Review

Diamonds & Dust

By Carol Hedges - Published 2013



Here we have a fast-paced, sharply characterised slice of Victoriana, set in London in 1860. There is a nippy, present-tense narrative with the same ...Read Review