Bantam (US)

Napoleon in Egypt

By Paul Strathern - Published 2008



Paul Strathern is a rare example of an intellectual who is eminently qualified in diverse fields. An award-winning novelist, Strathern has also earned ...Read Review

Queen of Swords

By Sara Donati - Published 2007


The fifth title in Donati’s bestselling ‘Wilderness’ series, Queen of Swords opens in the French Antilles in August 1814 and finds Kit Wyndham ...Read Review

The Glass Books Of The Dream Eaters

By Gordon Dahlquist - Published 2006 (US)Published 2007 (UK)



The power to absorb the intimacy of our secret selves and thereby manipulate the mind in a ruthless quest for world dominion is ...Read Review

The Painter

By Will Davenport - Published 2003


Alternate HistoryBiographical FictionMystery/Crime

This novel intertwines 17th century and present day plots. The 17th century story proposes a possible explanation for how Rembrandt might have come ...Read Review