Bantam Australia

The Burnt Country

By Joy Rhoades - Published 2019



(Please note this is a sequel and this review contains unavoidable spoilers from the first in the series, The Woolgrower’s Companion.) Kate ...Read Review

The Woolgrower’s Companion

By Joy Rhoades - Published 2017


Kate Dowd and her father, Ralph, wait on the railway platform to collect two Italian prisoners of war who have been assigned to ...Read Review

The Grey Raider

By John Flanagan - Published 2015



In 1863, Confederate commerce raider Manassas, under the command of Captain Pelle, sails the seven seas chasing and sinking any merchant vessel flying the ...Read Review

Amber Road

By Boyd Anderson - Published 2013


Singapore has long been a strategic British colony but, as 1941 dawns, its residents are ill-prepared for what is about to happen. Among them ...Read Review

Den of Wolves

By Luke Devenish - Published 2010


The modern historical novel tends to stay within the bounds of known facts, confining its invention to the areas where history remains silent. ...Read Review