Avon A

Decision and Destiny

By DeVa Gantt - Published 2009



The sisters who co-write as DeVa Gantt have hit their stride with the middle volume of their Colette trilogy (originally self-published as one ...Read Review

The Scent of Sake

By Joyce Lebra - Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

Lebra’s debut is a biographical novel of Rie, the sole heir of the House of Omura, a sake-brewing family in 19th-century Japan. ...Read Review

Eleanor vs. Ike

By Robin Gerber - Published 2008


Alternate History

In this fascinating alternate history, popular former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt is called upon to replace Democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson in the 1952 ...Read Review

The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen

By Syrie James - Published 2007


Biographical Fiction

Imagine for a moment being an impassioned writer who is young but mature for your age. You have abundant skill in writing a ...Read Review

Death at Dawn

By Caro Peacock - Published 2008



Liberty Lane has been brought up to believe in liberty, fraternity and equality by her freethinking father, but it seems to have brought ...Read Review