A Redoubtable Citadel: a novel of Wellington’s army from Ciudad Rodrigo to Badajoz (The Peninsular War Saga Book 4)

By Lynn Bryant - Published 2017-09-07



Colonel Paul van Daan of the 110th Infantry is a favorite of Lord Wellington. He is also unconventional, which makes him well loved ...Read Review

An Irregular Regiment

By Lynn Bryant - Published 2017



The setting is the Napoleonic Wars, and the subtitle is: A Novel from the Battle of Bussaco to the Battle of Sabugal, which ...Read Review

A Death by Wounds

By J.D Oswald - Published 2017



Winchester, 1919, Armistice Day. Returning to her duty as nurse to the pupils of Winchester College, Philippa Lambert is called to view the body ...Read Review

Eadric and the Wolves

By David Mullaly - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

One of the many reasons I love historical novels is that they can throw light on a real historical person of whom little ...Read Review

The Tenants of Cinnamon Street

By Seamas Duffy - Published 2015



“William Day begins his legal career at Bow-street Public Office, spending the morning at a gruesome public execution and the afternoon in court…” ...Read Review

Nemesis: The Conqueror of Rome

By C.R. May - Published 2015



Nemesis is the second in the Conqueror of Rome series and if you enjoyed the first you will enjoy this. The book opens ...Read Review

It Happened in Wisconsin

By Ken Moraff - Published 2013


In April 1939, the Racine Robins, a minor league baseball team, become stranded in Wisconsin after a sudden spring snowstorm forces them to find ...Read Review

Vows of Revenge

By J. F. Ridgley - Published 2013


Vows of revenge are made in Ancient Rome. The heroine is Aelia Sabina, a patrician’s daughter. Her abusive husband vows to destroy ...Read Review

First Fury

By Thomas Macy - Published 2012



Against her parents’ wishes Ann, a native of Rochester, New York, leaves home with a man she believes she will marry. Abandoned instead, ...Read Review

Fear Week

By Andrew McBurnie - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

Adrian Thorby is an ordinary schoolboy: daydreaming in class, evading bullies, squabbling with his sisters, and pondering the mysteries of sex with his ...Read Review