Raven’s Feast: Hakon’s Saga, Book 2

By Eric Schumacher - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Very rarely does one come across a book written about the man remembered as Hakon the Good or Hakon Adalsteinsfostre. As Mr Schumacher ...Read Review

Cnut: Revenge of a Viking Warrior

By Kyle Miller - Published 2016



The 9th-century height of the Viking invasions is the setting for Miller’s third volume in the Cnut the Warrior series, which follows ...Read Review

Cloak of Ashes: The Women of Beowulf

By Donnita L. Rogers - Published 2015


Seventh-century Scandinavia: Freawaru, the daughter of a king and the lover of the renowned warrior Beowulf, is a seer in her own right ...Read Review

Wings of the Storm

By Giles Kristian - Published 2016



The late 8th century is a time of violence and change in Scandinavia. While the order of the old gods is threatened, and ...Read Review

The Unbroken Line of the Moon

By Johanne Hildebrandt - By Tara Chace (trans.) - Published 2016


The 10th-century Nordic lands are locked in a war between the Norse gods and Christianity. Sigrid, a chieftain’s daughter and devout follower ...Read Review

Northmen: The Viking Saga, 793-1241

By John Haywood - Published 2016



If you’re like me watching The Vikings on the History Channel, then you usually find yourself searching the internet to see if ...Read Review

The Varangian: Book Three of Odd Tangle-Hair’s Saga

By Bruce Macbain - Published 2016



Odd comes to Miklagard – the Norse name for Constantinople – with the sole purpose of seeking out Harald, a former friend turned nemesis, and ...Read Review

The Dragon’s Hoard

By Cate James (illus.) - By Lari Don - Published 2016


Children/Young AdultEpicSaga

I really enjoyed these eleven stories from the Viking sagas, obviously carefully chosen for their variety. Most involve fighting but sometimes, as in ...Read Review

The Vikings

By Ian Heath - By Keith Durham - By Mark Harrison - By René Chartrand - Published 2016



This beautifully illustrated book gives the reader an intimate glimpse into the Viking era: the military exploits, life at home, nautical explorations, and ...Read Review

The Stones of Winter

By Oskar Jensen - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

With the caption ‘A Viking tale of myth and magic’ The Stones of Winter is the first in a series of tales about ...Read Review